Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The subsequent information is lawfully carried out by clients and consumers of www.pharmacyglobalrx.com. For the use of these terms & conditions, a request for a supply of cure or medication will be stated as a 'purchase' or an 'order'.
These terms and conditions are extremely significant and must be acknowledged previous to a purchase. These are designed for certifying our clients and patients to be acquainted with their tasks on the subject of utilization of pills, medication and treatments obtainable from our website. Prior to placing an order on this website, you must agree to these terms & conditions.


In order to grant clients with these medicines which are not handed over in personal, we have to to make sure that customers are above 18 years of age and dwell in the same address provided by them. We accomplish this by examining the ID card information. This way also helps defend us against experience to scam.
If there are differences with the particulars you make available, we would request you for duplicates of ID papers. This course of action is carried out with no unfairness and is fixed. We comprehend that at times our clients may wish not to give ID, but the only matter of concern on our part is to maintain the process in legal ways and prevent frauds.


It is your duty to make certain that the details you grant is absolutely precise. www.pharmacyglobalrx.com will not acknowledge accountability for orders which set off misplaced as a result of wrong address details.


It is your duty to make sure that you can take delivery of emails from our side concerning your order. Kindly ensure to keep check on any spam e-mail in your spam folder, as our verification emails at times turn up there by fault.The widely held trouble is when message from www.pharmacyglobalrx.com has not arrived at the customer end.


If your order has gone absent, we will categorize it as being misplaced. Following a short examination and a verification of your shipping address, we will then give a substitute to you. If you fail to receive the package on the decided time and date, you can send across an e-mail referring the issue. We will look into the matter and definitely come out with an effective solution to this problem.


If in case your order has arrived except a few things are absent, please notify us right away by an e-mail or through our telephone number. Subsequent to a brief analysis we will without delay send off the outstanding stuff to you without any charge.
If the items of your parcel have delivered but are dented and damaged, kindly get in touch with us and notify us with details of missing items and damage. We would ask for an image of the parcel to confirm the misplacement of stuff in the parcel before sending off the replacement. You can certainly send back the damaged commodities, which we will substitute at the appointed time as well as reimbursing your delivery charges.


Online Pharmacy Group is glad to propose a complete compensation agreement. If you are unconvinced with the order and desire to make use of this guarantee, you ought to meet the subsequent criteria:
You must send a request through e-mail or telephone regarding unwanted order within 7 days of delivery of the parcel.
You ought to give payment for the returning cost of your consignment.
Your new order will be reissued only after the damaged order has been received.
All these terms and conditions are subjected in order to undertake legal and easy delivery and products and services. We believe in building long term relations with our client; therefore make sure to give complete information regarding our terms and policies in advance.


In case of facing transaction reversal without any prior information to us we will consider it as a fraud and forward your information to the relative organization e.g. Visa and Master etc. Further we also update some forums where we update the chargeback customers information to make the industry aware regarding the same even your card information get explored on the internet. Please make sure that you don't do it and both of us secure.

Chargeback customers spoil our business thats why we also block them over all of our websites because we do not want them as our returning customer. 


It is our responsibility to make our customers happy with the product quality and good customer services. We will promptly resolve your inquiry and do our best to build up the relationship; however, if do not meet your expectation regarding the services or the quality of Product you can simply as for product change or refund. We will refund your money within 2 days and it takes 15 days to get credit into your Credit/Debit Account. Please be patience.

Once again, I would like to remind that you can ask for refund for unsatisfactory services but chargeback will harm both of us and we will make sure that chargeback fraud customers get hurt badly with their credit score as well.

Thank you for your attention and patience....

We serve our customers best......

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